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Sep 132010

For some recent testing that I had to perform, I needed to create a deep folder structure.  By that I mean a top level folder, and many many subfolders, like this :








As I’m testing on Exchange 2007 I thought I would look at the Powershell route, and with a bit of help from http://www.powershellpro.com, I put this together :


# create new top level folder

new-publicfolder -name "s-deep" -server "2k7mbx"

# create 2000 subfolders

$i = 1

do {

Write-Host "Creating : " $i

$nametouse = "s1-"+$i

new-publicfolder -Name $nametouse -path "s-deep" -server "2k7mbx"



while ($i -le 2000)


Hope it helps.  You just have to replace the name of your server (mine was called 2k7mbx) and the names of the folders if you wish.

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