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Aug 272010

Another way to import PSTs into a system.. this time to a regular mailbox (ready for archiving them at some later time, perhaps) is to use the Import-Mailbox cmdlet in Exchange 2007.  There is a bunch of documentation on Technet which covers it : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb691363(EXCHG.80).aspx, but as well that here is my run through of it in my lab environment.

First problem that I hit when trying to do it was :


Of course I don’t have Outlook on my Exchange server.  So okay, I really should have read the documentation on the Technet page.

I begun to install the relevant pieces on to my XP workstation.  First thing I noticed was that I needed to get the 32 Bit Exchange Management Tools, which is essentially a full download of Exchange 2007 – 800 Mb ish !  Following that I needed Powershell, and Windows Installer 4.5.  After that, I could get the Exchange setup to continue, and I noticed :


389 Mb..  that’s quite a big chunk of disk space for some management tools.

After a little while, the next issue I hit was :


The link provided takes you to a page which explains how to get the required components installed.. quite simple on XP… and then I was underway again.  After installation, you then of course need to run the cmdlet as someone who has sufficient permissions on the Exchange Server and to the mailbox where you want to import the data.  So I ran my command as the Vault Service Account, the command I ran was :

import-mailbox –identity mytestuser@ev.local –pstfolderpath c:temptest1.pst

You’ll then see the progress of the import… and afterwards you’ll see the data in the mailbox (you can actually watch the import on another Outlook client) :


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