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Jul 262010

On our internal support forum a week or two ago there was an interesting discussion about whether or not Enterprise Vault can (or should) be used to prove with an email was “read” or “unread”.  In short Enterprise Vault doesn’t record that status of a message.  At first this would seem “bad”, but consider it for a moment?  An end user can mark something as read, and then unread, 20 times … it doesn’t actually mean that they have or haven’t read it.  Many people that I know will glance at an email, and then think “Hmm, must come back to that one”, and mark it as unread so that it stands out, and they come back to later.  How would any software, never mind Enterprise Vault, consider that?  Have I read the mail, or not?

Many people are also probably aware of the setting within Outlook which marks an item as read after 5 seconds :


It’s one that I *always* switch off, because I want to control when I’ve read or unread something.

Journaled messages are always unread, and they can only serve as proof that the recipients received the email, not whether they read it or not.

In the end then, Enterprise Vault does the right thing .. and you can’t actually prove, via software, whether some read or didn’t read a particular mail.

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