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Jul 202010

Last week I was asked a question relating to journaling.  The question what is a P1 and a P2.

The P1 :


The P1 is the “wrapper” ie the envelope message.  The example above shows the contents of that.

The P2 (ie the attached message above) :


The P2 is the attached message.. that’s the one that the end user actually sent.

An additional question is how do we work out who the BCC information went to?  Take a look at the following example :





The P1 has the recipients on it… in this case marctest1, and “Vault Admin”.  When we look at the P2, we can see that the recipient is just marctest1, and there are no CC’d recipients, so we know vaultadmin@ev.local was BCC.

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  7 Responses to “P1’s and P2’s”

  1. Hi Ding,

    A question for you, in the journal archives, if the BCC is stored in the P1 item, is there any way I can download the envelope message through EV or an admin interface? Or do you know where the information stored in the envelope is held within the Index or the EV database?

    Any help would be most appreciated.


    • Hi Andy D,
      You can’t download the envelope message through EV – that’s currently not supported. The information is stored in the Index.

  2. Hi Ding,

    Do you know where in the index or database this is stored or how I might be able to retrieve it?


  3. Sorry I don’t know. The supported way is to use the EV interfaces, ie DA/CA or maybe the ECM / Search API.

  4. No problem, do you happen to have any experience with the API and know if it is capable of doing this?


    • I have a little knowledge, but not enough to answer the question unfortunately. Your best bets would be to contact my colleagues in support, or post a question on the official Symantec Connect forums.

  5. Thanks for your help Ding, will try and contact support.


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