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Jul 142010

One of the helpful enhancements added in Enterprise Vault 2007 SP 5 was the ability to send a client log in an email.  It often takes a little while for an end-user to navigate down the folder structure to find the current EV Client log file, especially through the hidden folders and so on.  “Send Log” is a button available on the Vault Information dialog, which does two things :-

* Attaches the client log file to a new email

* Puts the contents of the Vault Information dialog in to the message of that new mail

The end-user can then address the message as appropriate and send it.  Of course the log files can become quite large, and by default, the limit to the size of the file which we will try to send is 5 Mb.  You can see it being checked in the following snippet of client log file :

14/07/2010 11:39:38.619[3648]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::LoadSettingsFromHiddenMessage: 0x0
14/07/2010 11:39:38.619[3648]:     Desktop Setting: SENDLOGFILEMAXSIZEMB
14/07/2010 11:39:38.620[3648]:     No Value
14/07/2010 11:39:38.620[3648]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::GetSetting: 0x1
14/07/2010 11:39:38.620[3648]:  SENDLOGFILEMAXSIZEMB = 5 [default]
14/07/2010 11:39:38.620[3648]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::GetConfigValue: 0x1

The size of the log file is configurable by registry key, and it’s also possible to pre-configure the recipients of the message :

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareKVSEnterprise VaultClient





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