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Jul 132010

If you have an item selected in your mailbox then the Vault Information dialog can tell you things about it.  For example the following is what you see on a normal mail message, ie something that isn’t archived :



Subject asd

Last modification time 10:47:50, 09/07/2010

And below is what you see on an item that has been archived :



Subject asd

Last modification time 12:41:45, 05/07/2010

Archive ID 16F8F77E1B1406C43A9B38E7C5EFFFAB81110000w28ksrv.EV.Local

Archived Date 12:41:47, 05/07/2010

Calculated Date 12:39:34, 05/07/2010

Create Shortcut true

Original Message Class IPM.Note

Original Outlook Display Value -1

Original Size 2461

Original folder source key 86CBFEC126FB16478F37D6B09490B28D00000128F0AC

Original item source key 86CBFEC126FB16478F37D6B09490B28D00000128F52D

Retention Category 1B8BF84F1A3ABB04591C4B3C133945FF61b10000w28ksrv.EV.Local

Saveset ID 201007058333701~201007051239340000~Z~80A6FF07232A9F2EA82D070A7A3D1ED1

content-class urn:kvsplc-com:cc:vault:shortcut

originalcontentclass urn:content-classes:message

originalsmallicon /exchweb/img/icon-msg-unread.gif

Of course all of these properties are read of the message in the mailbox.  They can give you an insight though in to what has happened to the message, and what it used to be like.

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