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Jul 072010

A feature which has been in Enterprise Vault for a while now, but one that I don’t use very often, gave me the idea to write a blog about it since I had to use the other day.  This feature is the ability to start a DTRACE from the VAC itself, rather than having to go to the command line.

To do this the administrator has to click on the server name in the VAC, and then click on Tools –> Advanced Features :


“Traces” then appears under the services and tasks, as show above.

You can create a new trace, and there is a wizard which will guide you.


One of the first good things that you will see is that there a bunch of canned traces already defined.  So for example if you know you’re having issues with Exchange Mailbox Archiving you would start off with that DTRACE.


The other good thing you can do, as shown in the screenshot above, is to set the run time, and maximum file size.  As we all know running DTRACE for hours isn’t a good idea, and enormous trace files are almost impossible to handle as well.

When you’ve finished going through the wizard, the trace starts and you can refresh the right hand window to see the Log Size growing as shown below :


In essence that is it.  Simple as that.  You can however browse to the file structure on disk, and you will see the collection of .INI files.  You can make a copy of one of those, and edit it, giving it a new name.  It then appears as one of the canned types at the beginning of the wizard, which is quite neat !


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