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Jul 012010

The other day I was asked to help capture a process termination of migrator server (during a PST import) on a Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise Vault Server.  It tripped me up in a couple of places so here are the gotchas.


The process is 32 bit, so I found it “best” to install the 32 Bit version of the Debugging Tools for Windows

The latest version of the Debugging Tools for Windows is part of a MUCH larger download (so I went for an older version)

When I ran cscript adplus.vbs –quiet –crash –pn migratorserver.exe –o c:dumpfiles, and tried to reproduce the problem, the process still crashed, but I didn’t get a dump file.


The LAST hiccup I encountered was mostly because of UAC.  I need to run the command prompt that I launch adplus.vbs (or adplus.exe in the latest tools) as an elevated user.  So just right click on the command prompt and do “Run As”.


Finally, I got a userump when the process crashed (as well as the unfriendly Event ID 1000 in the Application Event log)!

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