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Jun 292010

So I’m using a shiney new(ish) IMac at work, part time… I’ve still got my evil Windows machines in the background. I am going to try and do as much of my day to day work on the Mac though, so that I can get used to it, ready for my future Mac Book Pro purchase.

One of the things that I am currently working towards is that I want to update the Enterprise Vault Mac client, it is currently at 8 SP 2, and I want to go to 8 SP 4.

First problem, I encountered… Mapping a network drive.

I found the location where I can go to Connect to Server, which brings up a dialog, but then I enter the UNC, like this :


When I click on Connect, I get the following error :


Following that there is another error message (with error -36 in it!) and then I am back at the Connect to Server dialog, only it has changed slightly :


The server address is prepended with afp:

So the Mac is thinking it is connecting to a Mac server, not a Windows one.

After a quick 30 seconds of thinking, I tried :


And that worked !

I am on my way.

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