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Jun 242010

With Enterprise Vault 8 Service Pack 4, the long awaited Move Archive feature was released.  There is a whole slew of information in the Administration Guide starting around page 70 which should be looked at before attempting a move, and of course you have your friendly lab environment to test on.
One quick though, how do you get to it?

Right click on your Archives in the Vault Admin Console, and you’ll see the option :


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  2 Responses to “Enterprise Vault 8 SP 4 – Move Archive”

  1. Thanks. I see that move archive only does 2 jobs at one go and rest of them are queued. Is there a way we can increase the move count.

    • I honestly do not know the answer, and I am currently on vacation until the new year. If you need to know a.s.a.p. then you should either contact Symantec Support, or post a question on the Symantec Connect forums. I will ask a colleague in the new year when I am back at work.

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