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May 212010

Many people with Enterprise Vault have had it a while, and may have started off life using SQL 2000.  Quite a few people are now upgrading that to SQL 2005, which is all good… but it poses one small problem.

The database compatibility level will remain at “80”, ie SQL 2000 level, unless you manually alter it.

This can cause some issues with Enterprise Vault stored procedures, so after an upgrade from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, you should set the compatibility level to “90”, ie SQL 2005.

You can check the current level by doing this :

sp_dbcmptlevel ‘DatabaseName’

The below return messages are the samples of execution of sp_dbcmptlevel command on different databases.

The current compatibility level is 90.
The current compatibility level is 80.

Values of compability levels and their corresponding MS SQL Server versions are as follows:

60 = SQL Server 6.0
65 = SQL Server 6.5
70 = SQL Server 7.0
80 = SQL Server 2000
90 = SQL Server 2005

You should do this on each database on the server that was upgraded.

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