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Jan 252010

One of the things that people mention about the EV client is that when RPC/HTTP is in use, even in a corporate office environment, the EV client drops-back to “lite” client functionality.  So it means that you don’t get to choose which archive you want to manually archive something to, and you don’t get the EV information tab on the properties of a folder.

The problem is that Outlook doesn’t ever tell the extension whether RPC/HTTP is in use, or not.  There is no API, and the developers haven’t worked out a way of prising it out of Outlook’s information.  So the EV Add-in looks at the Outlook profile, and checks to see if it is configured to use RPC/HTTP at all.   If it is configured, then the “lite” functionality is invoked.

This annoys many customers.

A fix was introduced (post EV 2007 SP 4 hotfix, included in EV 2007 SP 5, and EV 8 SP 1 onwards) and can be activated by registry key :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER  SOFTWARE  KVS  Enterprise Vault  Client


0 — (Default) Do not test for the availability of full Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In connectivity for Outlook clients that are configured to use RPC over HTTP.
Non-zero — Test for the availability of full Enterprise Vault Outlook

With the registry key in place at startup and every 15 minutes, configurable by another registry key, the EV Client will try to reach out to the EV server.   If it can reach the EV server (using a DCOM call) then it allows the full client functionality.

The registry key to change the polling interval is :


It is not advised to change this to a lower value, as the constant polling of 10,000’s of clients every 15 minutes may have a detrimental affect on the EV server.
Oh, and yes, this is for Outlook Anywhere as well as good old traditional RPC/HTTP.

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