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Dec 102009

Prior to Enterprise Vault version 8 if you selected more than one archived item, and clicked the Outlook toolbar button “Forward” you would get a pop-up saying :

That, as you can imagine, is rather annoying.  Why doesn’t the EV Outlook Add-in behave like Outlook…  When you select more than one item, and click forward, the items are added as attachments to a new message?

In EV 8 a change was made which allows this.


People often bump in to an issue.  They select two or more archived items, they right-click and choose Forward from the context menu, and then (damn and blast it) the new mail contains the shortcuts, not the full items as attachments.  The issue is that the Outlook add-in can’t intercept things from the context menu.. it’s a limitation of the interface that Outlook allows the add-in to have.  So the only way to forward multiple archived items, and for the new message to have the full “retrieved” items as attachments is to highlight the archived items, and then click FORWARD on the toolbar.

This is described in the following article as well :


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