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Nov 252009

An issue I wandered past the other day, that I thought I’d share amongst everyone.

The issue is that the EV Outlook Web Access extensions were installed on a freshly installed Exchange 2007 CAS server.  The installation succeeded, but when opening Outlook Web Access with a test user archived items don’t retrieve the full item, they only show the shortcut.  So all the buttons work correctly, the icons are all in place ..  Just like this screenshot :


When you open an archived item you get :


As with most Outlook Web Access issues your first port of call should be the OWA Diagnostic Logs.  From there I saw this interesting bit :

Firstly we try to open the item from the Deleted Items folder (as it might have been previously retrieved :

16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Request url: https://localhost/exchange/ex2k7testuser1@EV.Local/Deleted Items/139895ECDF7FDAF43B0380DA85D0058CD1110000evsite!200911110000000.200910201304090000.Z.A0072597C636735800C763D5081098E1.EML
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Request method: PROPFIND
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Request timeout (milliseconds): 30000
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Adding FBA cookies
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Adding Depth header: 0
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Request body: <?xml version=”1.0″?><d:propfind xmlns:d=”DAV:” ><d:prop><mapi:x0FFF0102 xmlns:mapi=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/” /><exch:outlookmessageclass xmlns:exch=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/” /></d:prop></d:propfind>
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [WebDAVRequest::Send] Exception sending WebDAV request: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Owa.ExchangeStoreAccess.WebDAVRequest.Send()

The failure with a 404 is expected in this case.  404 = not found.

So the extensions then make a call to restoreo2k.asp, as we can see this fails :

16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [EVServerRequest::CreateRequest] Sending request to: http://evserver/EVAnon/restoreo2k.asp?vaultid=139895ECDF7FDAF43B0380DA85D0058CD1110000evsite&savesetid=200911110000000~200910201304090000~Z~A0072597C636735800C763D5081098E1&mbx=ex2k7testuser1@EV.Local&server=SERVER1&restorelocation=3&foldername=Deleted Items
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [EVServerRequest::CreateRequest] Request timeout (milliseconds): 30000
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [EVServerRequest::AddHeader] Set header: EV-OWA-2007-Extensions-Version=
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [EVServerRequest::CreateRequest] Making request for user: EVex2k7testuser1
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [EVServerRequest::AddHeader] Set header: X-EVOWA-User-Encoded=450056005C006500780032006B003700740065007300740075007300650072003100
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [RestoreRequest::Send] Exception sending request to restore item: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Owa.EVServerRequests.RestoreRequest.Send()
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [RequestProcessor::RestoreAndActOnItem] Item not restored
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [Id::OwaId] Returning cached OwaId: RgAAAADQcEs8JgaATaDqMjcgySFIBwBOwfHRfFz6RqWSzrPMQVMfAK2ZF7KOAABOwfHRfFz6RqWSzrPMQVMfAxjqITf8AAAJ
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [RequestProcessor::RestoreAndActOnMailboxItem] Redirecting client to: /owa/?ae=Item&a=Open&t=ipm.note.enterprisevault.shortcut&id=RgAAAADQcEs8JgaATaDqMjcgySFIBwBOwfHRfFz6RqWSzrPMQVMfAK2ZF7KOAABOwfHRfFz6RqWSzrPMQVMfAxjqITf8AAAJ&EVItemUnavailable=1
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] [RequestProcessor:StopImpersonation] Stopped impersonation
16/11/2009 06:07:12 [2332,19] Request processing finished

The key here is the status code that is returned… 403.

What we then need to do is look at the IIS log files on the Enterprise Vault Server.  From there we can see :

2009-11-16 12:07:14 GET /EVAnon/restoreo2k.asp vaultid=139895ECDF7FDAF43B0380DA85D0058CD1110000evsite&savesetid=200911110000000~200910201304090000~Z~A0072597C636735800C763D5081098E1&mbx=ex2k7testuser1@EV.Local&server=SERVER1&restorelocation=3&foldername=Deleted%20Items 80 – – 403 6 0

403.6 = IP address refused.

This should set your mind in the right direction.  When we are going to the EVAnon virtual directory, there are IP address restrictions, and the IP we are coming from ( isn’t in that list.  The settings on the virtual directory are obtained from the ExchangeServers.txt file, which is used by the OWAUser.wsf script.

So the solution in this case is either to manually edit the restriction list in IIS, or edit ExchangeServers.txt on the Enterprise Vault server, and re-run OWAUser.wsf.  After that the archived item will display properly.

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