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Nov 172009

Whilst it might not be officially supported many people run the VAC and the EV Outlook client on the same machine (for example on an admin-type workstation).  There are a few glitches with doing, because there are some common DLL’s between the two, which can cause problems.

First issue is that if you install the server kit first, when you try to install the client, you’ll get a pop-up informing you :-

This client kit cannot be installed on top of a server installation.

So, the way to do it is to install the client kit first, then the server kit.

Second issue is that once you have it working, if you want to “upgrade” (say from EV 8 SP 2, to EV 8 SP 3) you have to install both components, and then reinstall them again in the same order.

Bit of a pain having to do these steps, but at the moment that’s the way it is.  Hopefully in the future this may get addressed.

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