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Nov 162009

A question came up the other day relating to how an admin-assistant + manager combination can work from an EV point of view if the admin-assistant isn’t EV enabled, and the manager is.

When the Outlook client opens the EV Add-in reads a hidden mesage in the mailbox (which the archiving task mailbox synchronisation process puts there).  The hidden message contains the users policy settings.

If the hidden message isn’t present, then it is assumed that the user is not EV enabled, and buttons / UI gets hidden.

This means that when the end-user access the managers mailbox a couple of things happen :

* archived items won’t have the right icon

* opening archived items will just open the shortcut

* still no client buttons (for things like search and archive explorer).

There are a couple of ways out of this though …  you could enabled the admin-assistant, but put them in a policy that doesn’t ever doing anything, and gives them no buttons (save for search and archive explorer perhaps), or you could tell the user to use http://yourvaultserver/enterprisevault/search.asp, and / or http://yourvaultserver/enterprisevault/archiveexplorerui.asp

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