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Dec 162008

Yesterday I plugged in an external monitor to my laptop when it was running Ubuntu 8.10.Ā  It didn’t pick up the external monitor šŸ™

I did some digging this morning, and it might not solve the problem, but it seems like a super-cool application anyway :

If you have an external monitor or projector you occasionally attach to a notebook computer, you might be used to switching resolutions on a regular basis. Unlike with Windows, this isnā€™t just a right-click procedureā€”you must navigate the System ā€”> Preferences menu.

A good solution is to use Synaptic to search for and installĀ resapplet. For some reason, although itā€™s officially a GNOME applet, resapplet doesnā€™t appear on the standard applet list. Instead, it must be configured to start at login. To do this, click System ā€”> Preferences ā€”> Sessions, ensure theĀ Startup ProgramsĀ tab is selected, and click theĀ AddĀ button. In theĀ NameĀ andĀ CommandĀ fields of the dialog box that appears, typeĀ resapplet. Leave theĀ CommentĀ field blank. Then close the dialog box, and log out and back in again.

You -can- just press Alt-F2 and run the applet from there, and it does indeed sit next to the network activity icon in the system tray type area.

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