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Oct 222008

Everyone must have run Outlook /CleanReminders at some point, but sometimes it is interesting to know why it might be necessary to do that.

Well the usual reason is that either reminders are coming up all over the place, or that reminders are not working at all.

Here is a nifty bit of code that will enumerate the reminders table in Outlook.  You can run it using either Outlook Spy via the Script option, or natively in Outlook 2003 (and Outlook 2007) by pressing Alt-F11, and then adding this code to the ThisOutlookSession area :

Sub test()

Dim olApp
Dim objRem
Dim objRems
Dim strTitle

Set olApp = Application
Set objRems = olApp.Reminders
strTitle = “Current Reminders:”
‘If there are reminders, display message
If olApp.Reminders.Count <> 0 Then
For Each objRem In objRems
‘If string is empty, create new string
If strReport = “” Then
strReport = objRem.NextReminderDate & “: ” & objRem.Caption & vbCrLf
‘Add info to string
strReport = strReport & objRem.NextReminderDate & “: ” & objRem.Caption & vbCrLf
End If
‘Display report in dialog
MsgBox strTitle & vbCr & vbCr & strReport
MsgBox “There are no reminders in the collection.”
End If

End Sub

You can then juse run it, and you’ll get a message box with a list of the reminders.

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