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Oct 022008

I have a mixed Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003 environment.  In the environment I have :-

* An Exchange 2003 mailbox server

* An Exchange 2003 front-end server

* An Exchange 2007 CAS

* An Exchange 2007 mailbox server

The 2007 CAS runs Exchange 2007 SP 1.  From a client machine accessing the Exchange 2007 mailboxes using Outlook Web Access access to public folders is working.  When I click on a Public Folder which is hosted on the Exchange 2003 world, then I get some text in the right hand page saying :-

Click here to open this folder with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

When I click that link I was getting a page saying : 501 & 505…

HTTP 501 Not Implemented/HTTP 505 Version Not Supported

Further if I go to https://cas/public, I actually get redirected to https://cas/owa.

The issue is “resolved” by updating the mailbox server to Exchange 2007 SP 1.

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  One Response to “Strange issue with Outlook Web Access 2007”

  1. I was looking for this for a client and found these solutions also:

    I looked around and found this:
    Use Exchange System Manager in 2003 or PF Management tool in 2007. Right click on a folder, find properties then go to replication to replicate the Public folders.

    As I saw your post while searching, I thought I’d let you know

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