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Sep 232007

When you perform a search from the browser in Enterprise Vault, a common thing that gets asked is what are the limits to how many of these I can select for exporting, or restoring back to a mailbox.  Well according to Development about 15,000 to 20,000 has been tested, but you will get in to an interesting situation well before that.

Many people that they have to return all the results on one page, that’s not true, but of course if you have 8000 results, at 10 per page, it will take a LONG time to select them all for export!  So a common thing which people do is to perform the query/search using Advanced search, to get to this you enter a URL like this :-


At the bottom of that page is the option of how many results should be returned per page.  A common mistake now is to think that you want to be able to export say 5000 items, so you select the option 10,000. 


You then perform your search, and attempt to do a "Select All", and "Add to Basket".  This will fail.

The reason for the failure is around how this works…  Firstly we send all the highlighted items back to the server (for some reason), but in that transaction we send a HTTP header called CONTENT-LENGTH. 


In Windows 2003, a restriction on the default maximum for this metabase setting was introduced.  That limit 204,800 byte.  So if you send data, where the content-length header is bigger than that, you will get a failure back.

This is described in this article :


A workaround is also described whereby you modify the metabase setting, and restart IIS.  A second workaround which is much better is to change your way of think about the result set.  If you know the results are going to be about say 1400 items, you don’t HAVE to add them all at once to the basket, you can add them (say) 500 at a time.  If you do it that way (set the Results: Items = 500), do your query, and move through each page doing a "Select All", and "Add to Basket", then a) you won’t get the error message, and b) it will add them all to the basket.


In other words, the error isn’t really that you’re adding too many items to the basket, it’s that you’re adding too many items in one go to the basket.

Once you know all of the above then you understand that the message you receive :

You have selected too many items. Select fewer items and try again.

Is just what it says..  too many items at once.

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