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Dec 112013

Do you want to receive updates? 8-03-5

You know by now that I write extensively about Symantec Enterprise Vault, and if you want to stay up to date with the latest posts on that topic email subscription is the best way to do so.

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Apr 102014

Enterprise Vault 11 is right around the corner. Is your environment ready for it? Are you already on Enterprise Vault and this will be a ‘simple’ upgrade, or are you on an older version of Enterprise?

Is there a particular feature or benefit you are most looking forward to in Enterprise Vault 11?

For me, I think it’s the IMAP support. I can’t wait to try that out on my iPad.

Apr 072014

Are you struggling to find the best settings to use for the shortcut content in your Enterprise Vault environment? There a myriad of options available, and all these add up to many different combinations of settings where it sometimes difficult to determine the overall effect that it might have on your environment and on your end users.

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Mar 262014
file1351253228115 (Small)

Since Exchange 2010 and now with Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange ships with throttling policies. These are designed to prevent mis-use of system resources by end users. However, they can become a bit of a pain for applications which ‘require’ this mis-use such as Enterprise Vault or Blackberry Enterprise Manager.

These applications mis-use the system in the eyes of Exchange because they do ‘too many things’. An end-user would never need dozens of MAPI session open, or tens of items/folders open at any one time. That’s what the throttling policies are trying to protect against, but unfortunately they can interfere with the usage of these type of applications.

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